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Heat insulation strip The quality of the heat insulation bar directly affects the life of the broken bridge aluminum, and a good heat insulation bar has a very good wind resistance, sand prevention, sound insulation, rain prevention effect. General insulation bars for better broken bridge aluminum profiles must be used using PA66 nylon bars because the PA66 nylon insulation bars can bear a certain weight.And in terms of color, pure black is a better material, and the surface has no concave and convex points, no pungent taste, such a heat insulation bar will be better. The heat insulation bars of the aluminum of the broken bridge are PA66 nylon insulation strips, which is consistent with the expansion coefficient of the aluminum alloy line. It is durable and not easy to aging.There are also some broken bridge aluminum heat insulation bar will have electronic code, which is also an important way to distinguish between true and false brand broken bridge aluminum.

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Shenmamid® Nylon resin has excellent strength and creep and long-term ag ng resistance, weathering resistance. The corrosion resistance of general chemicals is inert to aromatic compounds, which makes nylon widely used in building materials. Building-Materials2 隔热条1

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